3D Graphics C++ Team Based Projects UE4

Valkyrie Quest – Dynamic Snow


For this project, I was lead engineer on a team project to develop a system in which the snow under the feet of the player and NPC would imprint when stepping upon it in Valkyrie Quest.



  • Through the use of virtual textures we are able to determine the order of the different textures to be applied, such as snow on top and dirt underneath.
  • Using collision boxes to determine the hit locations for the player and NPCs that would cause imprints.
  • Keeping track of all collisions upon the surface and distance down that the snow imprints.
  • Allow for an interpolation variable modifiable by the design team, to allow the snow to build back up to it original height.
  • Removing collision from array once the height achieves original height to reduce size of array.

We are proud of the final product.

The Awesome Team!

Angeling Cruz-YenArt Director & Environment Artist & VFX Artist

Val RossCreative Director & Character Artist

Joe BraceEnvironment Artist & Lighting Artist

Oak ThaloengpongEnvironment Artist

Ebony Bryant Concept Artist & Character Artist

Elena RasskazovaRigger

Cody JohnsonLead Animator

Blake JohnsonAnimator

Josh BechtolAnimator

Suzanna JelsemaComposer/SFX

Lindy PlunkettTechnical Lead & Gameplay Programmer

Dustin KeplingerProducer & Gameplay Designer & Gameplay Engineer

Quinn Beierle AI Engineer & Gameplay Engineer & Gameplay Designer

Ted Sharygin AI Engineer

James DoolittleAI Programmer & Level Designer

Casey RogersDesign Director & Level Designer

Nate BorgerUR & UX

Laurel DarlingCombat Desginer

Jaden CorradoLevel Designer