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This is me – Dustin. 🙂
This is Maddie: Lap sit enthusiast and gaming buddy.

My name is Dustin. I am a U.S. Army veteran with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design from DigiPen Institute of Technology.  I have 4+ years of experience producing game development projects and am proficient in C++, C#, and C,  in both commercial and custom engines: Unreal Engine 4 (C++), Unity (C#), and those built from scratch (C/C++).

I appreciate every genre of game, but role-playing games have always been my favorite and a few that have really stood out to me are Elder Scroll series, Destiny, Fallout, and Dragon Age. This love for RPGs has even extend out to the good old pen and paper games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. Although the stories in roleplaying games are compelling, the mechanics of the players’ are what truly keeps me playing them. 

I have taken this love for player mechanics, and every opportunity I had, I put my heart and soul into them. I have worked on seven different games, in many different genres. Every project I worked, I was a Gameplay Engineer/Developer and contributed directly to the player’s experience. Each project was a new and exciting experience where I had to put my mind to the test and learn how to create new mechanics for the player to use.

Please visit my the Game Developer Projects page to see the projects I have worked on.

I am currently accepting new projects and employment opportunities.

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