AI Engineering C++ Team Based Projects UE4

Valkyrie Quest – Wolf Enemies


For this project, I was lead designer and engineer on a team project to develop a melee enemy AI. I worked with 5 designers and 6 engineers to solve the needs of creating an engaging combat experience for the players of Valkyrie Quest.



  • Has a default idle state.
  • Has Unreal AI Perception component to detect player presence.
  • Has an aggro state during which the AI is actively pursuing/attacking the player.
  • Enters aggro state when the ray cast to the player is uninterrupted and is within the sight radius of the AI.
  • Howls and alerts other allies on the map of the players location.
  • Circling tactic with other wolves to attack from different angles.
  • Returns to default idle when the AI loses sight of player (object is interrupting ray cast from the enemy to the player).
  • Has health variable as determined by the design team.
  • Takes damage from the player when hit by player attacks/abilities.
  • Enters death state at 0 health and de-spawns.


  • Primary attack of biting with damage by amount controllable value determined by the design team.
  • Ranged attack lunge attack that inflicts damage on player character by amount controllable by a variable as determined by the design team.


  • Movement limited to the navigation mesh placed by the design team.
  • Movement has adjustable speed controlled by a variable as determined by the design team.
  • Moves within its navigation mesh

The Awesome Team!

Angeling Cruz-YenArt Director & Environment Artist & VFX Artist

Val RossCreative Director & Character Artist

Joe BraceEnvironment Artist & Lighting Artist

Oak ThaloengpongEnvironment Artist

Ebony Bryant Concept Artist & Character Artist

Elena RasskazovaRigger

Cody JohnsonLead Animator

Blake JohnsonAnimator

Josh BechtolAnimator

Suzanna JelsemaComposer/SFX

Lindy PlunkettTechnical Lead & Gameplay Programmer

Dustin KeplingerProducer & Gameplay Designer & Gameplay Engineer

Quinn Beierle AI Engineer & Gameplay Engineer & Gameplay Designer

Ted Sharygin AI Engineer

James DoolittleAI Programmer & Level Designer

Casey RogersDesign Director & Level Designer

Nate BorgerUR & UX

Laurel DarlingCombat Desginer

Jaden CorradoLevel Designer